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Welcome to Benson!

Our story starts way back in 1887 with Erastus Benson, a land speculator, investor and philanthropist. He purchased 900 or so acres of land from Edward Creighton, an Omaha businessman. On March 4, 1887, Erastus platted the land and called it Benson Place, later changing it to Benson. We were annexed into the City of Omaha in 1917.

‘Ole Erastus was quite the entrepreneur and renaissance man. He help found the first of the regional phonograph companies and invested in a young man named Thomas Edison and his Kinetoscope. In his spare time, our founder wrote songs – more than 20 of ’em are included in the Edison Sheet Music Collection of the U.S. Library of Congress.

His spirit must have somehow settled into our dirt, because the entrepreneur is alive and well in today’s Benson, helping our neighborhood become the place you want to live, hang out or open a business.

Stop by for a visit – you’ll be back for the experience.