Agendas and Minutes

Benson is home to the city's first bike corral.

Benson is home to the city’s first bike corral.

The Benson Business Improvement District meets the first Friday of each month at 11:30am in the Benson Community Center at 6008 Maple St. These meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome.

04.03.15 agenda and 03.06.15 minutes

03.06.15 agenda and 02.06.15 minutes

02.06.15 agenda and 01.09.15 minutes

01.09.15 agenda

12.05.14 minutes

12.05.14 agenda and 11.14.14 minutes

11.14.14 agenda and 10.03.14 minutes

10.03.14 agenda and 09.05.14 minutes

09.05.14 agenda and 08.01.14 minutes

08.01.14 agenda and 07.11.14 minutes

07.11.14 agenda and 06.06.14 minutes

06.06.14 agenda and 05.16.14 minutes


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